The Spacious Tarot is Carrie Mallon + Annie Ruygt. It will take you on a personal journey through the psyche where you’ll have the space to observe and gather messages from the deepest parts of yourself.


Carrie and I met via instagram after I found her educational articles online. We had both been interested in creating a deck, and found that our skill sets complimented each other beautifully. We also shared a love for Hanson (remember them?). Together we created concepts, Carrie presenting her extensive knowledge of traditional decks and their symbolism and then organically painting scenes with our own vision for the deck.

We gravitated toward natural settings, using elements like weather, flora and fire to highlight the themes of each card.

Because the theme of this deck was “spacious unfolding”, we allowed ourselves time. By working through concepts for a while and taking many needed breaks, we were able to see how the suits began to develop perfectly— and where we missed the mark. Over time, the process streamlined and our communication changed as needed so we could fall deeper into our work. Once our concepts were on track, we started playing with style for final illustration.

spacious tarot-deck-art-illustrator

Something wasn’t working, but we were close!

I was drawn toward a softness that I wasn’t getting at first, and thought perhaps watercolor would be the best fit. But after completing some images with the limited color palette we were going for, they didn’t have the immersive quality we liked so much from the first iteration.


We decided to jump back into the digital illustration style played around, looking for a treatment that had the best qualities in both approaches. Where we landed is better than either of us could have ever imagined. Truly it was the time and trust that allowed us to find a style that we both love.

“Collaborating with Annie is such a joy! Her work speaks for itself - each image she creates speaks to your heart, evoking feelings of wonder and curiosity.” -Carrie Mallon


Follow the journey of The Spacious Tarot on instagram. This deck is due out November 2019.

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