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Webdesign, Branding, and Illustration for Outschool


Outschool wanted to give warmth and clarity to their product. They knew illustration would be important. We started out with the landing page...

Somethings we worked on together:

  • Improved upon their color palette, adding more vibrant shades.
  • Added a hero style layout with new storytelling illustrations.
  • Featured their teachers and classes with clean text, images, and color.


Illustration and community building with

shot3 copy.jpg
shot5.png is a software company, built by a group of funny, playful individuals. Their logo is a purple balloon, which quickly evolved into the sentient balloon you see now. In order to get their community excited and recognize the brand, the Fly folks and I used bright colors and whimsical images of balloons doing otherworldly things around Fly town.

We have used these graphics to build community via:

  • Their landing page
  • Social media
  • T-shirt graphics
  • Printed materials for events and community outreach
  • Special comics and one-off illustrations


Book Illustration and Design


I adore books and the magic, mystery, and healing they provide. The outer design is the first glimpse of the story that awaits beyond the cover, the inner design just as much a part of the literary voice as anything else. A good design help the reader connect with the story in a powerful and viceral way. I work with indie authors to design books, as well as provide illustration, primarily for children's books.