helps web developers write, run, and test edge applications. Together we created a character that breathed the story throughout Fly’s development at a startup.

Contribution: Concept, Character Development, Branding via illustration/color. Web Design and development by the amazing Kyle Foster


Most ideas need to be put down on paper. Through sketching and doodles, we easily found that a character would help tell their story through scenarios and metaphor. After playing with the “sentient balloon”, we all fell in love and continued to use him through the site’s illustration.


As the brand continued to shift with change in messaging, so did the usage of illustration.

We started with full sweeping heroes, but eventually needed to communicate the product with technical graphics. The illustration now expanded beyond the site and deeper into the community, finding its place on our blog, Twitter feed, and at conferences.


Characters can be your biggest asset. They’re like the celebrity of your brand.

We had so much fun with our balloon guy, that we created images for every blog article. This was also a useful tool, because we could explain abstract concepts to our developers and new features through silly and memorable scenarios.