Painting, oh how I missed you!

I work digitally most of the time. It makes sense.

  1. Revisions are easier.
  2. Revisions are easier.
  3. Revisions are easier...and I don't have to scan any traditional artwork.

But yesterday I lugged out the paints so I could work on a new dummy book and prepare for the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles. As I mix colors and sketch in the composition, my heart thuds and I want to run and hide in the pantry amongst the cookies.

But as soon as paint hits the gesso, I'm home. I love painting and I miss it so much. It's why I got into art, actually. Painting and drawing feels like a safe place to me, a place where anything can happen, and that "anything" will be magic.

Digital tools be damned! I know it'll get easier. I know I love Kyle Webster's brushes and how easy it is to play with textures and colors in Photoshop, but there's nothing like paint.

Here's the finished piece for a new dummy called, "Moon and Bug":


In other news, my tummy has been off, so I'm takeing time to find the culprit. Sadly, I have hunch it's wheat, and I will cry for at least a few days if it is.

But not much else feels good, when you accidentally ate something that inflames and irritates you. Not even art, not even friends. So I'd rather enjoy friends & art and ditch the allergen.

Hope all is well with you guys! Peace and rock 'n roll,



I remember when I anticipated Friday nights because of these shows:

 Family Matters

Family Matters

 Step By Step

Step By Step

I was old enough to understand characters, jokes (well, kind of), and storylines. They opened a whole world of laughter and joy to me, so I lived for these shows. Every Friday, happily plopped down with my sisters and parents to watch. Fridays were good.

Now, being 31, I anticipate what I'm going to make for dinner, and dread having to go to the store (which is only a mile away), and plop down face first on my bed, groan for a couple minutes, then get myself up to make rice and beans because they're in the pantry, then watch a little netflix with Brianna.


Adulting happened.

I had to shake myself a bit and remember that looking forward to things makes life so much more fun. But the days of cable are least, I don't have cable, so Friday night TV just isn't the same.

That's ok. There's goofy stuff like this on youtube that I LOVE.

In case you need some ideas for tonight:

I hope for you that you have fun tonight and this weekend. Be a dork. Lighten up. Make some PB & J.

Love, Annie

Sitting Disease

I was in a lecture a few Tuesdays ago, and the teacher mentioned sitting disease.

"Of course, we all have it. And we have to be very careful to move the body more," He said. "Now the next thing we can do to detox the body is...."

I sat there (not helping!) and thought about this as he lectured further. My hips were always tight these days. My metabolism had tanked since I stopped riding my bike to work a couple years ago and began freelancing, thus making it hard to loose weight. I don't have my standing desk any more, too. GOSH. I AM SITTING ALL THE TIME. No wonder things are going haywire.

Just this last week and a half, I took I took time off from work. Today is my very last of this "staycation". I didn't sit down much the last 10 days, instead, I walked along the beach, the pier, around museums, in and around parks. Although I didn't do a ton of vigerous exercise, I moved my body for the majority of the day, and felt amazing.

When I walked up the stairs in my house this morning, I felt a lightness that hadn't been there. My knees and hips didn't hurt! Whaaaatttt???


Since October of last year, I've had some weird issues with knee pain and weak behind muscles. I couldn't figure out why, with all the yoga and sometimes runnind, why my legs were breaking.

This brilliant infographic from might shed light on why, if you sit for work all day, you feel crappy like I do. I'm commited to try and sit only 3-4 hours a day, rather than the average 7. My desk is taller as of one day ago (suitable for standing), my chair is a stand/sit combo chair (aka stool) which allows me to use it for support but not for sinking into, and I will march while I watch new episodes of Big Mouth if I must!

I love my hips and knees, and I'm so thankful to feel them loosen up after a crunchy 9 months. I must protect them!

Do you have a walking pracice? Use a standing desk? Take an evening walk every day?

Let me know!


Been working on a pattern for a podcast I recently joined about Disneyland attractions, called The Back Side of Water. In a past life I was a jungle cruise skipper and a mountaineer on Big Thunder Mountain with the other cohost, Alex Stewart. We're making some swag for the listeners. I love painting treats as they are so brightly colored and beautiful, and make my mouth water. Total sugar seduction.

Swag will be available June 15th!

 "Sugar Rush" print of treats found at Disneyland.

"Sugar Rush" print of treats found at Disneyland.

The Homemade Illustrator- Taking time off to reboot!

I'm heading out for a bit to recharge and have some fun! Line dancing! Sandy beaches! Good books and fluffy pillows!!!

Freelancing makes me worry. I'm getting better, but it involves a lot of thinking and planning, and often...worrying. I'm glad I notice this so I can work on chainging that mindset.

Here's another episode of "The Homemade Illustrator". I hope you enjoy, and always feel like you can share your thoughts and experiences with me.