True Belonging, and How Art will Save Us.

Dr. Brené Brown does it again! I read her book recently, "Braving the Wilderness", which made me sob several times, so I had to read it again. More tears. But it is books like this that break you open, and I had can truly saw I had a paradigm shift.

The Wilderness = The crazy world of emotions, vulnerabilty, the unknown.

She talks a lot about major themes of the book here in this youtube video.

I recommend you listen, then read her book. You will thank yourself. Basically, the juice in this interview boils down to: you WILL have to be alone in what you're doing, but find those people that can support you. Put yourself out there in front of the people who might not support you. Don't assume the worst in everyone.

Why are we so disconnected as a civilization? My plans are to investigate this in my own life. Dr. Brown provided some literature on it, but life is meant to be experienced, so it's up to US to change things. And boy, do I want to change things. Working from home these last 2 years has given me more of this:

  • flexibility
  • autonomy
  • anxiety
  • lonliness
  • confusion
  • stress

...Some good things, but many gross things. Are you a freelancer? Have you experienced this? Talk to me.

The wildnerness has taught me so much, but I've only stepped in halfway. There's more.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.04.25 AM.png

In other news, here are some tarot cards I've been working on for the Spacious Tarot. They're coming along!!


Smooth Move

Story time.

first of all, I understand now, that the bane of my existence, the thing that makes me feel the most disgusting and irritable, is when I have a full gut and no relief.

So knowing this about myself now, I decided to take some "smooth move" tea to usher things along. You see, the night before, I'd gone to dinner with friends and eaten a HUGE bowl of gluten free pasta, which still has the ability to stick to your insides, though GF. Well, the morning passes and all was quiet. My brain was still a bit foggy so I tried to drink lots of water before heading to improv class.



An hour into class the tea kicked in. Thing is, my nerves are already bad. Standing up in front of a class and having to just jump into a scene tickles my bowels already, so this extra "magical tea" stopped me dead in my tracks. No, I didn't go in my pants, but I nearly did.

Rushing to the rest room, I promised to myself I wouldn't drink that tea on an improv day again, and by golly, I would need to cool it with the pasta.

The rest of the class I probably escaped to the restroom 4 times (it's a 3 hour class), thankful that I wasn't sick, just that my body was ready to detox. And at the improv jam after class, as if from my digestion angels, the theme was "shitting one's pants". Thank you angels for reminding me what could have happened but did not, and for that I am grateful.

Yes, this story is a bit icktastic and goofy, but I have a serious thought after reminiscing. What we eat affects us so deeply. I look at friends and family, and everyone's experiences with foods that bother them, but some people might be chronically bothered and not even know it. They might be in pain, a dull pain, but have no idea that it doesn't need to be their normal.



Did you know there are studies linking depression to diet? "Duh," you might say, but are we taking action with this information? It's a difficult thing to tackle, when food is so addictive and the processed stuff is more available than anything fresh, but it's the simplest, cheapest way to work with mental illness. Notice I did not say cure. But taking care of your body IS taking care of your mind, and it could change everything. It could be the cure you're looking for.

So I will be your poop angel today, reminding you there is much to be grateful for, and that there's also a divine call: Eat as close to the earth as you can, ditch the processed junk, and move our body. Your limbs and lobes will thank you for it.



Thanksgiving Vibes

Howdy friends. Happy almost Thanksiving, which is the holiday that grows on me more and more every year! This time around, I'm going to order vegan Thanksgiving dinner, because although I love cooking, I'm feeling like letting the holiday work for ME, instead of work for the holiday. Thank you Kelly for the idea What about you? Do you have major family plans? Major napping plans?

I started off this month with an education in our United States voting process. As a poll worker, I got to see the whole shindig come together. My favorite part was seeing neighbors recognize each other, and kids go ga ga over "I voted" stickers. They're like gold to them.

Then a sweet and talented friend sent along a gorgeous print to me last week. I love her style and I love spooky things, so this was extra delicious. Thank you Zhen!!


My desk is a bit all over the place as I try to stay grounded with personal projects (still working on the picture book ideas with agent!) and my client work. To help me remember, I purchased some goodies like oat flower essence for recognizing my "calling", and a journal with motivational quotes about being our gosh darn SELVES. They have added a lot to my morning. Just having a ritual in place to work on very specific things that need my attention makes all the difference.


I'm so grateful for the support of my friends, family, and clients, as well as for the opportunity to make art for a living and for pleasure. This life truly is precious, and I hope you go forward through this holiday season recognizing how special our time is with loved ones- heck! even with strangers. All we have are moments, pieces of time. Opportunities to appreciate being alive. Here's to mounds of this. Happy Thanksgiving and lots of love,