Welcome, Dreamwalker

The most suprising thing I've done is write an entire novel. I grew up writing consistenly in my journal about feelings, sometimes short stories, sometimes rotten things about neighbors. But I also grew up thinking I was a shit writer, until I realized that it doesn't matter what people say. And practice can also fill most of the holes you have in your skills anyway.

But I'm notorious for bad spelling. And that will always be a struggle.

One night I was walking home from the Library in Sunnyvale and I thought I'd play a bit. I started telling myself a story amidst the moonlight and frangrant honeysuckle bushes as I strolled through the neighborhood. I walked slower. I tuned in. I became something else.

Dreamwalker is the story that was birthed that night, and has been a part of my path for the last couple years. I've worked with an amazing writing group and two editors. It's out there, finding the last few people who can help me share it in a large way with all of you. Soon.

Some concept artwork from the book:


Annie is an author and illustrator with books available on Amazon and local book stores. She is open for commission, too! She lives in California, and loves tea, bike rides, reading, and exploring new places.

Teamin' Up

I've been working on a book for the past few months with a local author in my home town, Napa. It's just about finished, and today we launched a kickstarter! We're raising $$ to print copies, do school visits/art classes, and make rediculous swag.

Over two years ago I published The Three Things, and just about cried every night for a month trying to figure out how to make a real book happen. But I made it happen! You just kind of keep going until something works. THIS time around I have some experience, an awesome author who makes me laugh constantly, and tons of excitement!

Books are so cool. I love seeing them come together; first an abstract idea, then somewhat structures with words and sketches, finally all the artwork, and then one days it's a real "thing"!

With this book, I thought I'd approach color differently. I chose a painting that evoked a feeling I wanted, and used the color picker all of the place, pulling colors and shades from that piece. In this case, it's Matisse's work. Here's some images of the book in progress below.

Happy creating folks. Here's to making ideas into real things and real actions!

Happy New Year fancy pants people!

Rather than new years resolutions, I like to realign myself. Check in. Re-adjust. We're all perfect as we are, we just tend to get a little off from our preferred center points. Sometimes way off, but that's ok. Here's a little exercise that I did to welcome my hopes for the new year. It's more right brained than a resolution and it doesn't take much time or resources. Just an intention. It gives you room to breath and discover the message throughout the year.

Check out the video above for a walk through of the project. Please post your cards and share your beautiful artwork below, or via email! I'd love to see what your soulsays, and your spirit will definitely inspire everyone elses. Believe you me!

If you want a little hand-drawn template of an oracle card, download it here

Here's what came out of me.  I used the loosest mediums I could: oil pastel, pencil, watercolor.  The goal is to  NOT  make it look good, but rather, make it  FEEL  good.

Here's what came out of me.  I used the loosest mediums I could: oil pastel, pencil, watercolor.  The goal is to NOT make it look good, but rather, make it FEEL good.

Sending you lots of warm wishes and here's to a KICK ASS year.