I am in Boston, touring the city and historical sites with my family, and of course, we had to walk around HARVARD. More on that later. After picking up the "independent" weekly student newspaper, and I came across a poem that captures fall and youth perfectly.

OCTOBER by Remedy Ryan

It's too early in the year to wear jackets so we rub each others shoulders as the wind whistles past a year older now we know where we are headed but we still whine about the long walk

You're hit with the saline smell as you push yourself into the crowd your hair sticking to strangers' skin a second ago you were shivering outside and niw yiu wonder why you are here until an old friend pulls you into her arms

Your feet start to move to the hum of the speakers it's the type of night that makes you believe in fate but also in chaos bodies banging together like wind chimes sporadically, beautifully, impatient.

More poems by Remedy here: https://www.harvardindependent.com/author/remedy-ryan/