Thinking about whales

Most of the time at my job I work on the computer.  I scan little ink drawings and color them in photoshop, or make flyers- you know, it's fun and it changes all the time so I'm never bored.  But last week I painted an image for an upcoming meet up.  I feel the most in love and fulfilled with the world when I'm painting.  I loooove mixing the paint, and I love being a little messy.  I get lost in it, really, and that's all anyone wants.

You'll see below the Thinker from RethinkDB and the Docker whale on a high sea adventure. I used J. W. Turner paintings for reference.  There are a couple photos of my process below.  I glazed a complementary color in the sky so it would shine through all the bushy grey clouds which was the best choice I made.  Water has always been a little difficult but I tried some curly sea foam patterns and it instantly brought it to life, too.

The final image!

The final image!