Bridging the Gap

As someone who loved to draw but never cared much about computers, I didn't even try to learn web design, graphic design, or any kind of design until the last few years.  I just took pencil to paper and explored the traditional mediums.  I love them still, but the exciting world of technology and all the new tools out there I have recently been exposed to are sweeping me off my feet!  I'm in love.

Guess what- all those things I resisted because I thought they were too complicated are...really fun.  Html is simple and cool, and CSS lets you do so many awesome things.  I wish there would have been some classes at my public school growing up, exposing me to the world of programming.  It is, in itself, an art and a craft.  I'm never been so inspired to learn before and to create.  It's like being a kid again and someone has handed me a new set of toys.

I highly recommend Code Academy because it's a fun and easy way to get started on the basics of tons of different languages.'s free.  I also started following a lot of women who code on Twitter to stay inspired and stay exposed to what's worth caring about.

Here are some mock ups I'm making for the company's website.  We need to incorporate some of the illustrations I've been making. 

REthinkDB comp