Moon Juice

This piece is dedicated to my pal, Michael. Without his imagery and introduction of this song, I wouldn't have created it. The song I'm talkin' bout is by a local artist called, "Thriftworks" who kicks ass. It's called "Moon Juice", and you can listen to it here. Make sure you listen to the rest of his music on bandcamp especially if you like spacy, silver and blue waves of textues flowing through your ear holes. K.

I drew this illustration in pencil first, getting as much of the tones and detail in, then adjusting the pencil color to a cool violet-blue.


Next I added some color, mostly on multiply layers, except for the night sky which was on a normal layer.

Lastly I overlayed some textures, tweaked the levels, and some scattered some "moon juice" on the dreamers. Moisturizing their mind. Yum.