It's been a strange week.  I had an adventure on the Caltrain up to San Francisco and haven't shaken it off yet.  Also- I've been more tired than normal.  All of us at the office have felt the same and are resorting to handfuls of candy and coffee.  It's dangerous but oh so good.  

Everyone, I find is nerdy about something.

I came across this link on Designer News: Link.  It occurred to me that I can't think of anything I'm truly nerdy about.  There is a fanaticism that people have when they nerd out, and usually acquire grand amount of knowledge on the subject.  I can't say I'm nerdy about drawing either.  I remember friends from college owning books of other artist's drawings, and pouring over them with a certain jealousy.  I am getting closer to this as I get older.  Most of the time I like to wander around outside and explore.

Can you "nerd out" on exploring? Is there an app for that?  In all honesty, you can, and there is, but the kind of exploring I like most is the kind without any planning or agenda.  

One thing I always did love was looking at other people's sketchbooks.  There's a book I sought out pretty hard because it was a collection of artist's sketchbook journals.  It's called "An Illustrated Journey" by Mr. Gregory. One of my favorite things to do is take a drive somewhere alone and draw in my journal.  This book is full of other people just like me. 

If I could, I would love to read minds.  I would love to collect other people's journals and read them.  I'm a little bit of a creep, I admit.  There are nerds, and there are creeps.  Ha.

What are you nerdy about?  And why?  I can't read your mind so please, share!