So, not all designs are used, we know this.  But when you love something so much because it touches some kind of place in you, and no one wants it, you feel a little icky sometimes.  I don't think this design is particularly good, but I was drawn to the style and the limited color palette that I had a hard time letting go.  Alas, here is a "throwaway"... at least for now.

programming icons2.jpg

It's not amazing...I'm not a programmer but rather a programming fan girl.  I have come to appreciate what goes into it, and the pride that programmers have, but I'm still an outsider and this design shows that.  But I still loved something about it.  And I was inspired by another design so much that I used it as inspiration for the piece.  If anything, I learned something, had fun, and might turn this into something in the future.

Here's what I'm listening to today as I draw.  It's enhancing my day.