Painting a picture.

I saw Hanson in concert (yes, Hanson) last weekend in Portland. The trees were perfectly scarlett and pumpkin colored, and Portland's sky was heavy with rain. The entire trip was perfect and a wonderful break from the usual California scenery I'd come to see every day.

I love California, but once in a while you need to see....comething else.

Hanson was really special. 11-year-old Annie came out and danced around with 29-year-old Annie. I was silly. I made new friends and remembered something that I'd forgotten about.

How does one paint a picture?

You work on it a bit at a time. Sometimes making mistakes one day, sometimes kicking ass the other. One step might be to mix a color and not paint at all. The next step might be to paint over a part that wasn't quite what you wanted.

I looked up at the Hanson bros as they were leading their pre-show walk; a ritual of walking in your bare feet for one mile amongst Hanson fans and friends, in order to connect with the earth and each other. For each person that walks, Hanson donates a dollar to a person in need, living in a country where the average daily wage is $1. It's simple yet effective. Three brothers created something that doesn't seem like much but helps a lot. They show up before every show and walk whether bodies join them or not.

They're painting a larger picture. Their picture has more than MmmBop. It has walks and 5 different albums. It has a love for old rock and roll, family, kids, community, and helping people because.... well because we all have enough. We all can afford to share.

Their music is a part of it, too. They share stories and emotions. They connect with people as well as connect people with other people. A web of hearts!

What's your picture? Can you look at each day and see how you're adding to it, bit by bit? What will you do to make it as beautiful and rich and vibrant as you can? It doesn't have to be perfect. Some days you will mess up. The most important part is that you show up, paintbrush in your hand. Ready.