New Sun

The Winter Solstice was last night. It's the end of the cycle, in a natural way, and now the beginning of a new "sun". The daylight hours will lengthen, we'll have more energy (at least in my case I will) and things will start growing. I've been using this time to think about what I want. With so many books out there to help you find you "purpose" it's hard to choose. I think lots of people have honest things to share, but we all know what's best for OURSELVES, so navigating these waters is tricky but it can be really fun. I've been realizing that listening is so important. Take in all that you hear from others AND yourself then experiment with it.

I have been making time each morning to explore my inner world and start looking at the new year as an opportunity to flourish with ease and joy. How can I do that? How can I not create new obligations for myself?

I'm trying to listen carefully. A few things really help me do this- journaling, tarot, reading, meditation, yoga. I think sharing is really important, and now a days we have ways that we can not just share, but start a conversation. With dialogue, it's a communial effort and we can learn from each other. I have SO MUCH to learn from the world and everyone around me. So why not practice together, I thought?

For the next couple weeks I'm jumping on periscope to start my day with a morning practice that can be shared with anyone who is willing to also go deeper. Day 3 was today, and although I'm nervous each time, I feel like it's been so beneficial to connect with myself and connect with outhers in tandem. I think when we do this, we are able to heal much faster, grow stronger, practice loving eachother and ourselves.

It sounds weird writing that. Why does it sound weird? These feelings are hard to express in words, I think, because they come out sounding like cheese on a log.

So here's an image:

If you want to join me, I'll be there every morning between 6 and 7am. @annieruygt.

"To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work." - Mary Oliver.