Creating an environment for yourself- one that you WANT.

So....I'm going to create an environment for myself. One that looks like this.

I don't necessarily mean a physical one, although I might incorporate some of those lovely light strands into my decor, I mean an internal one. I want space, connection with the outside word AND the inside world.

It's a great time of year to push the good ole reset button. In order to do this, I'm going to try and few things:

I'm going to refuse text messages.

Yes, I said that, folks. I'm going to take a break from texting.

I'm going to call people when I want to talk to them.

I haven't talked to so many "close" friends and family, because I resort to text messages. Enough of this and thanks, Hannah from more love letters. I don't want to be Socality Barbie.

I'm going to choose some other activity over web surfing.

I have "The Wake" by Paul Kingsnorth on my bookshelf and it's whining to be read.

If I order out food, I will make a date with a friend.

The goal here is to either prepare my own food, or enjoy company, and get away from the isolation and convenience of take out.

It's an experiment. A chance to implement some new habits and dig around for old patterns in hopes of identifying what's holding me back from being creative and connected. And it's also a chance to see if I'm full of bullshit. ;)

Want to try? We can have a discussion via email. Contact me and let me know how it's going!