Last night I asked a question.

Lately I've been tracking my dreams. I have a whole journal of nocturnal adventures from the past couple years, and most of them are strange. I mean, whose dreams aren't? Regardless, I don't usually share them, but last night I asked a question before closing my eyes, wrote it down on scratch paper, and put it under my pillow. It was an experiment. I added a small nugget of Howlite, too, because... why not? It's said to have properties to help you dream and I'm happy to buy into this. The mind is more powerful and mysterious than we know, and I think beleiving is seeing.


I dreamed two dreams. The first one was just a voice that shut everything else out until my eardrums were squished in and all I could hear was silence, then, "You need a drink of water now." It was a male voice and it was giving me a gentle order. I woke up and shuffled to the bathroom to drink water from the sink. I was a little frightened and very much in a sleepy fog so I didn't want to venture into the darkness of the house. After several slurps, I climbed back into bed.

Then I dreamed again:


My question was about purpose. My purpose.

I mean, looking back on this comic, I was pretty silly to give my keys and wallet away, but in the dream I didn't think twice to not trust anyone. I figured that if they said they were willing to help, that I was ok.

But it really comes down to this: who am I giving my keys to right now?

The symbols in our dreams are rich and personal. I LOVE hearing from others about their dreams- I find symbols fascinating and so telling. What have you dreamed about lately? Let me know. @annieruygt (twitter). Talk soon and sweet dreams!