What's new with you?

What's new, friends? It's Spring and I don't know about you, but I can feel the new beginnings that are ready to burst forth and take us somewhere. The weather is helping inspire this energy, too, if I do say so myself.

Just to recap, I did a trial run of a self portrait painting workshop. It was a lot of fun, and proved helpful for those of us that need to get in touch with our intuitive artist. I'm blending some yoga, process painting, and play with this workshop. Along with this artistic soul spring cleaning, you walk away with a self portrait which is a really fun thing to keep in your time capsule (or give to your Mom). Good stuff.


I'm also getting ready for my trip to Spain and France next month. I bought a fresh new sketchbook. This will be my first time going overseas alone so I'm swimming with a lot of emotions right now. Here's a drawing from a couple years ago when I went to Scotland. Hopefully I will taste lots of beautiful things this time around, too....will need to find vegan versions thist time.


And today I broke in the sketchbook after a meetup with some lovely artist friends in San Francisco. While drawing on the corner, I met Elaine Jones, a beautiful 95 woman who told me about her vibrant life in the Richmond and Sunset neighborhoods, both of which have changed a lot over the decades. You wouldn't know she's 95, but had a surgical accident two years ago, and now can barely walk. We talked for 30 minutes or so before dinner as I sketched and she observed the sunset.


Spontaneous conversations leave me warm and comforted like nightlights.

What have you been up to? Our stories are precious. Share yours when you can!