I remember when I anticipated Friday nights because of these shows:

 Family Matters

Family Matters

 Step By Step

Step By Step

I was old enough to understand characters, jokes (well, kind of), and storylines. They opened a whole world of laughter and joy to me, so I lived for these shows. Every Friday, happily plopped down with my sisters and parents to watch. Fridays were good.

Now, being 31, I anticipate what I'm going to make for dinner, and dread having to go to the store (which is only a mile away), and plop down face first on my bed, groan for a couple minutes, then get myself up to make rice and beans because they're in the pantry, then watch a little netflix with Brianna.


Adulting happened.

I had to shake myself a bit and remember that looking forward to things makes life so much more fun. But the days of cable are least, I don't have cable, so Friday night TV just isn't the same.

That's ok. There's goofy stuff like this on youtube that I LOVE.

In case you need some ideas for tonight:

I hope for you that you have fun tonight and this weekend. Be a dork. Lighten up. Make some PB & J.

Love, Annie