Keep Going!

I've been on a hunt this year to get published. I am learning how to connect with the community and show my stories. I admit, maybe it's working but I have had no yeses. Nada. A few "This is not a fit for me, but great artwork" and that's it.

I get it! I need to learn more and how to appeal to the industry. But man, it's tough putting your work out there that you deeply care about, and getting crickets.

The small part of me wants to give up. The small part wants to say "fuck it". But that's only the small part.

There's a lot of info out there, and what I've gleaned to be most vital is: showing your work, and creativly solving issues. That means revising, getting feedback, changing, tweaking. That also means sneding your work out there, showing it in Libraries, cafes, on social media. And most importantly, that means believing in yourself!

Now... I'm getting back to doing more personal work and letting my voice come through. Here's what's been coming out.


In other news, I'm heading back to California! I hope to be on the beach a week from now, drawing the seagulls and sand. New York has been really special and I'm sad to go. I might be back sooner than later, but until then I will revel in the Pacific Coast, and drink in its healing.

Sending you love and peace and kick ass vibes!

Annie is an author and illustrator with books available on Amazon and local book stores. She is open for commission, too! She lives in California, and loves tea, bike rides, reading, and exploring new places.

Teamin' Up

I've been working on a book for the past few months with a local author in my home town, Napa. It's just about finished, and today we launched a kickstarter! We're raising $$ to print copies, do school visits/art classes, and make rediculous swag.

Over two years ago I published The Three Things, and just about cried every night for a month trying to figure out how to make a real book happen. But I made it happen! You just kind of keep going until something works. THIS time around I have some experience, an awesome author who makes me laugh constantly, and tons of excitement!

Books are so cool. I love seeing them come together; first an abstract idea, then somewhat structures with words and sketches, finally all the artwork, and then one days it's a real "thing"!

With this book, I thought I'd approach color differently. I chose a painting that evoked a feeling I wanted, and used the color picker all of the place, pulling colors and shades from that piece. In this case, it's Matisse's work. Here's some images of the book in progress below.

Happy creating folks. Here's to making ideas into real things and real actions!

Traveling alone

I took a plane east last week, and landed for the first time in New York City. My backpack was filled with art supplies, several books that I stupidly thought I would get through, and my trusty notebook (Harriet the Spy anyone?)


It was my first time really traveling alone. I didn't know what to expect from New York. I was brimming with excitment to see such an iconic city, but at the same time utterly in knots because multiple people warned me to "stay out of allies" and "don't go out alone at night". Would I be safe traveling on my own? Was I going to get mugged... or worse?

But once I walked out my hotel the first morning and into the "fresh" air of Midtown, I felt my insides settle. It was exactly how I pictured it! Locals dressed in an unlikely combo of corporate work attire and bright nikes on their way to work. The markets on every corner had an array of the most interesting foods and plenty of vegan options to satisfy my breakfast rumblings. And the trees... the trees were all in bloom! I passed a couple parks on 5th avenue on my way toward Central Park, and I could feel that New York was going to treat me just fine.


I ate at vegan cafes and painted in every urban park I stumbled upon. I walked the highline, I stopped in the Chelsea market. I talked to some people playing chess about bullshit degrees that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I gawked at the designer window displayes like a kid in an 80's movie. I pretended I was a hippie, and pretended I was a New Yorker, then I pretended I knew where I was going, and I also let myself get lost. I preteneded I was Harriet the spy, writing down descriptions of Subway characters and rants I heard out on the street. But after all of this, I left New York for my humble apartment in Sunnyvale Calfiornia and felt the playful elation slip away.

It was non-stop bliss in New York, but when I came back I was forced to aknowledge everything I left behind for that week. I had errands to run, papers to fill out, bills to pay and work to do. I also had familiar questions about what I was doing with my spare time and where I was going. I was shaken up by noise and city lights, and now here I was, quiet and in the dark.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

That's what I've learned. New York sent me on a wild ride, and I'm still trying to shake off the dizziness. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, but it's necessary. I know this, and yet...


I keep telling myself the dizziness will pass. It's a contant push and pull inside. A fight between young and old, but my older self doesn't like to listen. Deep breaths and long walks are common around here, which isn't a bad thing....

I guess I'll have to travel alone more often ;)