Welcome, Dreamwalker

The most suprising thing I've done is write an entire novel. I grew up writing consistenly in my journal about feelings, sometimes short stories, sometimes rotten things about neighbors. But I also grew up thinking I was a shit writer, until I realized that it doesn't matter what people say. And practice can also fill most of the holes you have anway.

One night I was walking home from the Library in Sunnyvale and I thought I'd create a little magic for myself. I started telling myself a story amidst the moonlight and frangrant honeysuckle bushes. I walked slower. I tuned in. I became something else.

Dreamwalker is the story that was birthed that night, and has been a part of my path for the last couple years. I've worked with an amazing writing group and 2 editors. It's out there, finding the last few people who can help me share it in a large way with all of you. Soon.


Some concept artwork for the book: