Zero Waste- how can I do that?

I was talking with my lovely friends last night and we mulled over an idea for reducing waste at the grocery store. I've been interested in reducing waste for a little while (buying blulk, using beeswax to wrap items rather than plastic bags), but I know there is so much more I can do. Buying bulk makes a big difference, hoever, and there are a lot that I could tap into...making my own beauty products, makinging my own snack bars, making my own chocolates. I realize it's time I step up my game a cosciously try to reduce my footprint.

I came across this video about a gal who has basically reduced all her waste to one jar...from the last 2 years. She composts everything else, or uses reusable items that she can wash.

I think it's all about baby steps and making a commitment to the effort. Today I will start by trying to think differently about my storage stiuations and what I can improve, as well as focus on eating all my leftovers.

I do wonder- is toilet paper waste? Can I ever get away form using toilet paper? I don't know if I want to....


What do you do to minimize your waste trail? I'd love to hear your creative solutions, because we truly learn by sharing and experimenting.

Also- urban food foraging?! This is something I'm diving into next!